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Relationship Between Social Media and Website Traffic

There were 3.5 billion active users on social media across the world in 2019 alone. That’s 45% of the world’s population.

When it comes to social media and website traffic, you may not have considered the connection before. However, analyzing how different users interact with your website from different sources can help guide you when it comes to directing your marketing efforts.

Learn more about the connection below, and then discover how to increase website traffic to boost your business.

Social Media Increases Website Traffic

The biggest connection between the two is that social media increases and directs traffic to your website. There are many benefits to the connection social media has with your business website.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide visibility. You post your content, people discover it, and then click on your website.

If your audience really likes your content, they’ll share it with their followers. This puts your content in front of more people, which can help bring more traffic to your site and increase your leads, conversions, and sales as well.

Follow the 80/20 rule, which means sharing 80% of interesting, relevant content and only sharing promotional content 20% of the time.

Social Media Profiles Rank in SERPs

When someone types in your business name, your social media pages also show up and rank in the search engine results.

Optimizing your social media profiles helps them rank better, increases search engine visibility, and drives more traffic as a result. Your social pages should appear right below your website when you type in your business name.

Use tools like a website traffic tracker to check on the results of your optimization efforts and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Boost Your Social Media Followers to Increase Visibility

It’s important to balance marketing for social media as well as for your website. If you want to increase website traffic, you’ll want to gain more followers.

The more people that follow you on social media, the bigger your reach. The most natural way to achieve this is to provide unique, share-worthy content.

Your audience will share the content they love, and their followers will share it, and so on. Soon, you could see a major boost in website traffic.

Another benefit of social media sharing is that you’re putting your content in the hands of people who didn’t even know that they needed your product or services. They may not have searched for your business on Google, but now they’re aware of you.

If you’re a little lost when it comes to social media marketing, check out our tips on staying relevant. You should also consider investing in a social media manager and marketing service to stay in the loop when it comes to the latest trends.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Now you know how social media impacts website traffic and how utilizing your social accounts can bring in more customers. Use this knowledge to your advantage and hone your marketing strategy to increase your reach.

Do you need help with your digital marketing efforts? Whether you require content creation, engagement management, copywriting, or anything in between, APS can help you out.

Get started today by selecting your industry and reaching out.

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