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Staying Relevant In The Ever Changing World of Social Media and Trends

Social Media And Trends

is no getting around it: whether you enjoy sharing your latest adventure on Instagram or prefer to keep to
yourself, social media matters when it comes to creating a strong brand image.
than half of the world’s population
social media in some form. While you may not be able to sell to the whole world realistically, this statistic
illustrates exactly why maintaining a presence across multiple social media platforms matters.

speaking, social media started way back in
with the invention of the Morse Code, creating the first way for people to communicate electronically via
telegraph. Some of us remember it starting with
(2002), but most of us remember
(2003) or Facebook (2004)

as when social media really hit its stride. 

so much has come before and after them – LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,
TikTok – how can a business possibly keep up? In this article, we will cover just that.

of Using Social Media for Your Business

a great marketing partner  is truly the key to successfully using social media to build and continue to
grow your business. But first, let’s talk about how using social media can benefit your business. 

  • Build
    Brand Awareness
    Let people know you’re out there and what you can do for them. Creating Tweets, Pins, Instagram stories,
    or YouTube videos are all great ways to show people what your business can do for them.

  • Stay
    Your customers want to know that there is a human behind the brand they love. Some brands reTweet fan
    content, reply to posts, and more. All of these efforts allow you to stay in touch with your audience
    and in turn produce content that you know they want to see.

  • Enjoy
    Increased Visibility
    The more people who like, share or view your content, will drive traffic to your site, in turn creating
    more talk, and potential shares and purchases for your services and products.  These views, likes
    and shares also increase the likelihood that your site will be easily found – building your SEO (Search
    Engine Optimization).

  • Grow
    your Mailing List
    When you interact with visitors through social media, with comments, DMs and even live videos, they’re
    more likely to go to your site. From there you can have a mailing list sign up – creating a higher
    probability of repeat visitors and customers.

for Staying Relevant

now you know all the benefits to using social media for your business, but how do you stay relevant to your
customers and fans? 

Marketing has developed differentiated marketing programs that deliver both mindshare and revenue, helping
innovators and leaders

advance and capitalize on revenue opportunities. This in turn has helped sales and their marketing teams grow
their bottom line. 

now it’s time to understand the pros and cons of various social media sites and how to make it all work for you
and your business:


has great mobile capability, is usually visually appealing, and will reach a younger audience. So if you’re
looking to appeal to a youthful generation, Instagram could be the right stuff. But posting can be tedious, so
make sure you will want to make sure to schedule posts strategically.

Likes are not an indication of reaching your audience, so make sure to have engaging content, such as links in
your stories, or @mentions.


you’re looking for a real quick way to interact with your audience and pride yourself in creating a grand image
that is punchy and ambitious,
is definitely the way to go. 

Twitter is meant to be brief – make your posts short but impactful. Images and
are a great way to do so.


you specialize in something delicious or stylish,
may be the place to show your audience what you have to offer. The site has a conversion reporting tool that is
beneficial to help you understand what actions people are taking after viewing a Pinterest ad. 

The conversion reporting tool is just one benefit you’ll get if you utilize Pinterest’s
Continue to maximize your business’ potential with additional tools like Pin formats, analytics, and an ad

Tips & the Bottom Line

on top of your business’ social media is a job in itself. Fortunately, APS Marketing is here to help your
business by providing B2B marketing with a focus on revenue-driven goals. Let us know how we can
you today.

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