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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

If social media isn’t already in your digital marketing strategy, you’re doing it all wrong.

We’re in the age of the Internet where brands and businesses connect with their customers on these social media platforms. Social engagement and social proof inform a customer’s purchasing decisions.

If you’re already on social media, but don’t know how to increase your social media presence, don’t worry. Here are a few easy pointers to get you started on building a strong social media presence today.

Be Consistent

Nothing looks worse for a brand than an inconsistent social media presence. Brands are not like ordinary people. You can’t take a “mental health break” when you don’t feel like posting. You can’t fall off the face of the earth and then come back out of nowhere.

Your followers subscribe to your social media channels and they expect a level of consistent content from you. Do your part and deliver that.

Plan Your Content

Posting on social media seems like such an easy task. Just come up with a caption for your content, tag those hashtags, and post. Now, do this on a consistent basis throughout the week.

You might even think about delegating this task to someone with more time and experience. You have more important things to tend to.

If you find yourself in this situation, planning your content will help you to stay consistent in building your social media presence. Devise a content strategy and content calendar, then outsource your social media efforts and follow the program.

Be Relatable

Many brands miss the mark on this one. They try to increase their social media presence by seeming more human and relatable.

Take Tarte Cosmetics’ Twitter account for example.

They use very relatable gifs and commentary that the average person on social media may use. However, it has nothing to do with their brand. It makes their Twitter account seem like an alien extension of the brand.

This shows a clear lack of a strong social media strategy. Make it make sense.

If you want more tips on how to grow a social media presence, check out this blog here.

Create Sharable Posts

Most social media platforms now include a Stories feature. This feature is meant to provide users with another way to communicate with their followers without creating something as rigid and permanent as a post.

The stories feature on most social media platforms has made it easier than ever for followers to share content that resonates with them.

You know what that means?

Your brand must create sharable posts. This includes images, charts, and any visual representations of the ideas and data you’re sharing. If you must, turn your long caption into a slideshow for people to easily read through.

When followers repost your post to their stories, you get a free shoutout. That’s smart advertising. That’s how to build a social media presence.

Make Your Social Media Presence Count

There’s a right way to go about tackling social media for your business.

Need help on how to increase social media presence and bolster your brand’s digital marketing efforts? We’re here to help.

Contact us today to get started growing your brand’s social media presence.

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