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EST. 1985

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We're a creative agency in the heart of Brooklyn with a diverse team of marketers and designers, providing modern solutions for over 25 years.

Our Team

Isaac Braun

CEO & CO Founder

Thomas Picket

Creative Director

Aqsa Liaqat

Operations Manager

Forrest Stata

senior graphic designer

Isaac Braun

CEO & CO Founder

Moving Brands Forward since 1985

Our goal is to create possibilities that can’t be found anywhere else, which you can see in everything we
do from our logo design to how quickly things get done at APS Marketing Group. When it comes time
for implementation; no task is too big!
APS Marketing Group has been a trusted partner for businesses seeking design and marketing
solutions since 1985. With a commitment to excellence and innovative creativity, we’ve forged a path
of success in the marketing industry’s ever-evolving landscape.
What started as a small company selling paper goods with a handful of clients has flourished into a
full-service marketing powerhouse, serving a diverse range of industries. Our relentless dedication to
adaptability and embracing emerging technologies has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and
consistently deliver exceptional results.
Our philosophy here at APS centers around empowering brands to reach their full potential. We believe
in fostering strong partnerships with our clients, understanding their unique goals, and tailoring our
strategies to meet their specific needs. We create marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences
and drive measurable results by combining data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology.
As we look to the future, APS Marketing Group remains committed to providing cutting-edge creative
solutions that empower brands to thrive in a rapidly changing world.
We look forward to working with you!

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